One of the major strengths of SwineBooks is the ability for producers to see their entire operation–production and financial–in numbers, be that farrow-to-wean; wean-to-finish; or farrow-to-finish.


  • Income and expense events are included with all options;
  • Miscellaneous income may be allocated to whole farm, department, or individual group;
  • Record feed, health, and running expenses (anything that isn’t feed or health, i.e. livestock purchases, energy, barn and office supplies, etc.);
  • Import feed-delivery transactions from your on-farm or toll mill;
  • Customize the chart of accounts to fit your operation;
  • Use income reports to provide sales details for each class of animal;
  • Run reports on your cost to produce a weaned pig and cost to produce a market pig;
  • Purchase non-feed inputs into “Inventory” for later use;
  • Use Health & Supplies Inventory reports for better inventory management;
  • Use powerful whole-herd reporting that combines financial and production data on each page.