Features & Costs

SwineBooks Pro® Features


  • Reports to help identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Powerful, customizable and diagnostic reporting features;
  • Animal treatment records;
  • On-farm feed mill interfaces to help producers keep on top of data entry and reduce data entry;
  • Sow feed station interfaces;
  • More than 150 sow card options;
  • Customizable data entry collection forms – Action Lists;
  • Profit and loss report.


Plus, we are always working to identify and add new features to SwineBooks.  We

1) own, design and program SwineBooks;

2) understand pork production, and

3) strive to be responsive to the needs and requests of our customers.

SwineBooks Pro® Costs

SwineBooks Pro® is sold on an annual subscription basis, based on the user’s number of active sows and/or growing pigs.

One of the major strengths of SwineBooks is the ability for producers to see their entire operation–production and financial–in numbers, be that farrow-to-wean; wean-to-finish; or farrow-to-finish.


Subscribers purchase a license key, which plugs into a USB port on the user’s SwineBooks computer.  This key contains the customer’s unique license code (no farm data) that unlocks the program.  The re-licensing process is simple via email or log-in.  For users who do not use email or Internet, we do this via flashdrive through the mail.


For more information about the cost and licensing process, please call our office at 800-575-7139.

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